Bharat Gaurav Trains

Indian Railways introduced the concept of operating tourist trains on theme based circuits under the banner of Bharat Gaurav Tourist Trains. The journeys undertaken on these trains are on the diverse circuits which are offered in the form of tour packages wherein services like off-board travel and excursions by buses, stay at hotels, tour guides, meals, travel insurance etc are provided along with comfortable train journey and allied onboard services.

IRCTC’s Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train

These trains have a mixed composition of Sleeper (Non-AC), AC III tier and AC II tier coaches. The exterior of these trains showcases popular Indian monuments, sculptures, landmarks, and dance forms etc having a total capacity of around 600 - 700 seats and are fitted with infotainment systematic and CCTV cameras and a well-equipped pantry car for preparing fresh meals onboard.

Deluxe AC Tourist Train Train

This train is fully air-conditioned with AC I, AC II and AC III tier accommodation onboard. The train has one dedicated modern kitchen car (flameless), two rail restaurants, coaches fitted with washrooms having shower cubicles, electronic safes in each cabin, foot massagers, infotainment system, CCTV cameras etc giving it a very exclusive semi-luxury feel. The total train capacity is 268 seats.

Karnataka Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train

Government of Karnataka (GoK) in association with IRCTC is running Bharat Gaurav train for destinations such as Kashi, Prayag, Gaya and Ayodhya. The fully AC train has 11 AC III tier coaches and accommodates 700 tourists. It is equipped with a modified pantry car and the train exterior depicts prominent heritage and temples of Karnataka. Government of Karnataka is offering a subsidy to the pilgrims.

Jain Yatra by Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train

To showcase the cultural and spiritual significance of Jainism, IRCTC Ltd in association with Adani Group Parivar is operating an exclusively curated tour by Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train which will give an unforgettable experience of Jain pilgrimages of Sammed Shikhar through a spiritual Panchtirth Yatra of 9 days. This tour will be inclusive of accommodation, bus transfers and Jain food.

Bharat Gaurav